Worktops L profile

Constructed of a particleboard P2 based panel (according to EN 312), which is covered with high-pressure laminate (complying with the requirements of EN 438-4). It represents the ideal solution for surfaces exposed to impact, heat and moisture. The Worktop collection provides over 75 designs, providing authentic reproductions of stone, wood and color designs, many of which perfectly coordinate with Kronospan’s other decorative products. The material is easy to clean and maintain due to its high abrasion and scratch resistant properties, perfect for application in kitchen work surfaces, office desks, laboratories, hospitals.


EN 312; EN 438-4

Formaldehyde Class

E1 (EN 120)


- Cost advantageous
- Easy to clean
- Extensive range of designs
- High durability and resistance
- Laminated wraparound profile front edge
- Pre-finished
- Resistant to household stains
- Sealed back edge


- Kitchen work surfaces
- Laboratories
- Retail and commercial applications
- Table tops


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