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Trends 14/15

Submerged allows design to have a new refracted mood, something like the way objects appear changed through the optical effect of water. The inspiration is organic and natural. It’s all about the soft aqua tones of jade, pastel blues and ocean greens of a Mediterranean seascape. The wood is weathered, exuding nature, peace and tranquility


Trends 14/15

Nature is the ultimate, immediate reality, it’s the ever-present and defining now that surrounds us all. Botanical celebrates the real. Unashamedly rough sawn, richly knotted and bearing saw burns and chatter marks. The colors are warm and mellow, full of character and visual energy.
Natural spring greens, earthy tones, flashes of sunshine yellow, rich grained pine and Italian walnut – Botanical contrasts these with modern materials and urban ideas, for a reality that’s very definitely now.


Trends 14/15

Supergeek doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s a serious point. Design connects with people when it’s accessible, inviting, and as positive as fun. The first rule of cool is never try to be cool. So mash colors that almost oppose and clash together with striking wood grains. Think eclectic. Don’t try too hard. Then you have your own look. It’s Supergeek, and it’s chic.


Trends 14/15

It takes logical principles, simplicity, clarity of thought… You have to pare away the superfluous to establish what really matters, to find that less really is more. Assembled illuminates the essence of the product, through clean even woodgrains and open character. Calm tones of cream, dusty greens and primrose yellows work beautifully with the grain. The feeling is minimalist, so your design takes centre-stage in its integrity and confidence.


Trends 14/15

Imagine tarnished mirrors, faded gilt picture frames, grand candelabra. Majestic is the sense of glories past, reinvented in a unique contemporary character. Delicate faded golds react with worn concrete and grey contrasts. Elegant wood alongside lustre and shine. Luxurious modern tones and textures with a history. Majestic is vintage in the now.


Trends 14/15

Strong character is at the heart of all the best adventure stories. Pioneer stakes its claim to the look of rustic, unfinished timber with all its knots, shakes and grain. The colors push the current trend for dusty, pink, lilac and purple hues into new territory by mixing with strong wood designs full of character and natural imperfections

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