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Kronochem SEBES SRL

Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr.59
Romania 515800 Sebes, Alba county

Other colors:
Other colors:

K221 SU Graphic Concrete

This grey decor represents a cast concrete surface. The splashback design shows a modern mix of Victorian style ornaments. Combined with white or dusk blue color it can create a beautiful interior with a vintage touch.
Decor Type
  • Grey
  • Creative decors
  • Decor Collection
  • Graphic Splashbacks
  • Texture
  • SU Super Matt
  • Splashbacks PB

    Splashbacks PB provide the finishing touch to worktops in kitchens, offices or work areas.




    Stain resistant
    Easy to clean
    Heat resistant
    Format(mm) 10


    K221 - Decor Overview

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